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[Event]The 3rd IYAC New York Youth Art Contest

21 Nov 2023
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Successful Conclusion of the 3rd IYAC New York Youth Art Contest and Exhibition in 2023

✉ Reporter Kim Jaesung  

In put: 2023.11.21 14:00

The 3rd IYAC New York Youth Art Contest and Prize-Winning Exhibition in 2023 garnered significant attention. MySLide Corp. successfully hosted this event through collaboration with the U.S. GSEF Foundation, Space 776 Gallery (New York), a U.S. Senator from New Jersey, and the Mayor of Palisades Park, USA.

Young artists participating in the competition submitted works exploring various ideas under the theme of 'Change and Adaptation.' The selected pieces were unveiled at an offline exhibition held at Space776 Gallery in New York from October 17th to the 23rd, providing participants with a valuable exhibition experience.

At this competition, outstanding participants were honored with the U.S. Senatorial Award from New Jersey and the Mayor's Award from Palisades Park. These accolades bestowed upon the winners provided them with a chance and honor to further develop as excellent artists in the future.

Professor Choi Soohee from Hongik University, along with artists Lee Bora and Kim Seunghyun, were appointed as judges for this competition. Each of them, as experts in their respective artistic fields, rigorously evaluated the submitted works based on their extensive experience and knowledge.

The award-winning pieces were selected for exploring the process and outcomes of change, incorporating artistic creativity from various perspectives such as personal, societal, and environmental changes. These works presented new perspectives and ideas by delving into the process and results of change.

 MySlide Corp. officials mentioned, 'The 3rd IYAC New York Youth Art Contest in 2023 succeeded in raising awareness of participants towards societal issues through creative works.' They emphasized the power of art and the value of communication, using art as a platform to share diverse perspectives and opinions. They further conveyed, 'The competition will be remembered as a valuable event that communicates social messages through the power of art, respecting diversity and fostering creativity

To celebrate the successful hosting of the competition, an exhibition was held, drawing significant interest from individuals passionate about art and culture. The reception event, featuring violin and viola performances, provided a wonderful conclusion to the contest, offering participants and attendees a special moment to cherish

▶EduDonga Reporter Kim Jaesung

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