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[Event]Successful Conclusion of the 2023 3rd IYAC New York Youth Art Competition Winner's Exhibition

1 Nov 2023
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2023 3rd IYAC New York Youth Art Competition Winners' Exhibition,
Successful Launch and Conclusion:

Introducing the 2023 3rd IYAC New York Youth Art Competition Entry Exhibition. 

This exhibition is comprised of award-winning artworks from a youth art competition held worldwide for approximately two months starting from July this year.
This special exhibition is brimming with high-quality artworks and the passion of our young artists, showcasing their artistic talents.


Visit the Gallery >

Participants' artworks reflect fundamental questions and contemplations about the ever-changing world through the medium of art.

Each piece conveys the artist's unique vision and narrative, inspiring a diverse range of audiences and providing insights into change and adaptation through the transformative power of art. We express our heartfelt thanks to all who joined this exceptional exhibition, and we invite everyone to savor the art of change and adaptation together.


View Award-Winning Artworks >

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