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2023 IYAC New York Exhibition
Teenage Painting Contest 


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  The contest is hosted by MySLide corp. Cosmos Gallery (New York). The contest accepts applicants from 13:00 p.m. (Wed) on February 01, 2023 to 23:00 p.m. (Wed / KST) on February 15, 2023. The submitted and selected works will be fairly evaluated by the judge [Professor Jee Hui Chang of Andong National University (Chairman of the Jury), Artist Lee Minkyung (CEO of Heim Art Institute), Sojung Park (Seoul Scholars International Art & Design Teacher)] from both the institution and the organizer.

   The 2nd 2023 IYAC New York Exhibition Teenage Painting Contest is a competition designed for the purpose of providing opportunities for future artists to express their thoughts and share opinions in the form of visual art to address the current social issue. The winning works will be offered an opportunity to exhibit at Cosmos Gallery in New York.

  Cosmos Gallery is located at Chelsea, the center of New York, and provides remarkable contemporary art collections. Founded in 2010, the gallery is internationally renowned for selling works of art in South Korea. After moving to Chelsea in 2015, the gallery presented works of art from more than 300 worldwide artists. Also, the gallery provides an open space to support passionate artists and audiences or collectors who visit to appreciate the collection. Furthermore, the gallery continuously promotes various events and collaborative projects which comprises artists, clients, and collectors. In November 2022, the gallery changed its website and gallery name to Cosmos Gallery (New York) to strengthen its own branding and encourage more diverse activities and participation from a wider range of artists.

  The 2nd 2023 IYAC New York Exhibition Teenage Painting Contest adds up to the numerous international projects by pursuing upcoming international interests and encouraging young artists to jump into a worldwide stage in the field of art.


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2023 Youth
Fine Art Contest

in association with

  The contest is hosted by MySLide corp. S.ONE Gallery (Seoul / Korea). The contest will be open for submissions from 1:00 PM on Monday, February 13, 2023, until 11:00 PM on Friday, March 10, 2023 (KST). The jury members selected by our organization will carefully review the submitted works and conduct a transparent and fair evaluation. 

   This competition is designed to bring out the diverse ideas and creativity of Korean youth who aspire to become visual artists and are the future of the industry. The winning works of the competition will have the opportunity to participate in an offline exhibition of winning works hosted by S.ONE Project (Gallery) free of charge. 

  This competition will be conducted through online evaluation, making it easier for a wider range of students to participate and providing an opportunity for them to grow through the process of contemplating and developing their own artwork. In addition, the selected works for the final round will be presented through an exhibition, providing valuable experience for young artists. 

  We hope to create a platform for future artists to engage with one another and exchange their ideas, beyond their current boundaries.

  The 2nd Youth Fine Art Contest, held as part of many international projects, aims to discover more young artists and provide them with opportunities to advance onto the world stage, while contributing to diverse artistic activities, including international attention. 




Cultivating the artistic dreams of the next generation through continuous innovation

and unwavering support for young artists to showcase their talents.


encourages youth to develop themselves to show their talent and passion and offers more art events to help young artists to achieve their dreams.

Contest Information

  • Title: The 2nd 2023 Youth Fine Art Contest
  • Size of Paper: Max 53cm x 45.5cm canvas or Max 39.4cm x 54.5cm paper 
  • Medium: Painting (digital art excluded)
  • Theme: Feel free to come up with any subject 
    ○  Both title(less than 50 words) and description(less than 500 words) should be attached (English or Korean)
  • Qualification for participation: Students aged 13 to 19 years old and students with GED
  • Application Period: 1:00 PM (Mon) Feb 13, 2023, until 11:00 PM (Fri), Mar 10, 2023 (KST)
  • Winner Announcement: Announcement will be made on the official application website. 
  • Application Fee: $23.00
    ○  Multiple works can be submitted through same ID
        (No limitation to entries per person)
  • Nomination Date: Apr 03, 2023
  • Cooperation: S.ONE Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
  • Inquiries :


  1. Free exhibition of the award-winning work S.ONE Gallery (Seoul / Korea) offline exhibition 
     a. The exhibition will be photographed and published on our website. 
  2. During the offline exhibition, it is possible to sell the artwork to gallery visitors. (with their consent)
     a. Sales certification will be provided
     b. Profit will be partially provided to the winners
     c. Profit will be partially donated to UNICEF under the name of author
  3. A certificate of participation in the exhibited artwork will be issued 
    a. S.ONE Gallery (Seoul / Korea) certification  
  4. A certificate verifying the award-winning record of all winners will be issued. 
  5. The selected works will be published on our website  

Award Content

    Issuance of listing, participation in S.ONE Project (Gallery) offline exhibition (full cost support), issuance of exhibition participation certificate, and publication of exhibition participation photographs.

Application (Online)

  • Online registration will be made through art contest online application solution (mobile application is also available)
  • Join membership by entering member information after email access
      ○  The accurate address of winner and contact of the guardian are required for prize delivery and work restitution
  • Enter ‘The 2nd 2023 Fine Art Contest’ page which is found in the announcement list 
  • Upload the photograph of the work and enter work related information 
      ○  If more than one work is submitted, please upload several image through the upload page 
  • Final submission after consent of application and payment

Award-Winning Artwork Exhibition

 ※ The following information only applies to the winning artworks.

Offline Exhibition Information 

  • Qualification of exhibition: 
    The admitted works will be qualified for exhibition at Cosmos Gallery. New York 
  • Location: Cosmos Gallery. New York.
  • Exhibition Address: 547 W 27th St #518, New York, NY 10001 United States
  • Exhibition Date: 2023. 3. 21(Tue) ~ 2023. 3. 25(Sat)
  • Exhibition Photograph: The photograph of the exhibition space will be released on the official website
  • Exhibition Fee: 
    ○  Winner: exhibition fee fully paid [exhibition participation fee, admitted works delivery fee, exhibition photograph : free]
    ○  Gold Medal: 50% of the exhibition fee will be provided [exhibition participation fee, admitted works delivery fee, exhibition photograph : $400]
    ○  Silver Medal: 40% of the exhibition fee will be provided [exhibition participation fee, admitted works delivery fee, exhibition photograph : $485]
    ○  Bronze Medal: 30% of the exhibition fee will be provided [exhibition participation fee, admitted works delivery fee, exhibition photograph : $570]

Exhibition Work Delivery

  • Please check the following information regarding the work delivery for the exhibition.
  • We are not responsible for any missing, contaminated, or damaged items that may occur during the delivery process. 
  • There will be exhibition staff present in this space from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, with a lunch break from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Date of exhibition and sale consent of admitted work: April 03 (Mon), 2023 ~ 23:00 April 07 (Fri), 2023 (KST)
      ○  If consent is not given, the admission will not be canceled but the advantage will be granted to the next winner
  • Delivery Period: April 07 (Fri), 2023 ~ April 12 (Wed), 2023 
      ○  The works with consignor information will be transported 

Works on Sale 

  • Sale content: For visitors who wish to purchase works during the exhibition period, please note that the availability of the works for sale will depend on the consent of the exhibiting artist. Only works for which the artist has given consent for sale will be available for purchase. 
  • Sales Price : All the selected works for the exhibition will be priced at a flat rate of KRW 500,000
  • Profit Donation :  If there is a profit from successful sales, a portion of the amount, excluding the sales commission, will be donated to UNICEF in the name of the author, and the remaining balance will be remitted to the author.

Notification Regarding Exhibition

  • If your submitted work is selected for the exhibition, we will request your consent for displaying and selling the artwork through the contest results page and provide you with detailed schedules and instructions. 
  • For participating works, they must be directly delivered to the gallery where the exhibition is being held, and the delivery of the works must be made by the designated artwork delivery deadline (Tuesday, March 10th, 2023). Only works with shipping invoices stamped within the designated period will be accepted for shipping. We kindly request that you deliver your works with sufficient time to ensure smooth delivery. 
  • If the shipping invoice is not stamped within the designated period or the artwork is not delivered successfully, the exhibition of the work may be impossible. In addition, the issuance of the exhibition certificate for the work may not be possible, and we will not be responsible for any related issues. 
  • After the completion of the exhibition, the certificate of participation and exhibition certificate will be delivered, and the artworks will be returned based on the information provided on the submission site, We will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the artwork due to incorrect address information provided by the author.  
  • If a work is sold during the exhibition period, the agreed-upon work will be shipped to the buyer immediately upon completion of the exhibition. We will send a sales certificate and receipt to the author and proceed with the donation in the author's name after obtaining consent for the donation to UNICEF. 
  • For the photographs and videos of exhibited works, they will be listed on the individual pages of, our website, 2-3 weeks after the exhibition is completed. 
    ※ For inquiries, please contact us at

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