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Awarded Works' Exhibition in Love2Arts Gallery, Belgium

Sorodha International Art Competition 

(2022.06.24 ~ 2022.06.28)

  All the winning works have been exhibited at the ‘Love 2 Arts Gallery’ in Belgium, run by the Sorodha: Antwerpen culture Institution and open to many visitors during the period.

Love2Arts Gallery in Antwerpen, Belgium

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 The all awarded works have been displayed in the Love 2 Arts Gallery which was opened in 2006 in Antwerpen, Belgium, the center of Europe. Antwerpen is Europe's second-largest port city with the beautiful characteristics of artistic architecture, fashion, and diverse art activities. The Love 2 Arts Gallery operated various exhibitions in art and cultural activities, with artists from Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Congo, Japan, China, and South Korea.

 In addition, the Love 2 Arts Gallery had a sisterhood relationship in 2006 with Belgium's longest-running non-profit cultural foundation Société Royale d‘harmonie, which was founded in 1814. To raise young talented artists and carry out international creative projects.

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Press Release :

Exhibition Process

  The registration for Sorodha International Art Competition was from May 2 to May 24, 2022 (Tues. KST 18:00 / Belgium Standard Time 11:00). The competition was successfully held and all the works of prize winners were exhibited at Love2Arts Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium from June 24 to June 28, 2022. The process of the competition was as follows: 

1. Holding the art competition

 Started the international teenager art competition in cooperation with a sponsor gallery


  The competition aims to provide teenagers who have few opportunities to show their artistic talent with a chance to win prizes and exhibit their works in prestigious international galleries so that they can build up their artistic career, pursue their dreams, and move on. 

  Sorodha International Art Competition 2022 is part of many international projects that have been organized in cooperation with ARTé: The Institution of Culture and Contents, Sorodha: Société Royale d‘harmonie, and MySLide. 

2. Application and Evaluation

 Application and Evaluation by an Online Web Solution 


   The participants can apply for the competition through MySLide’s online Web solution “Portfolioroom.org.” Judges chosen by the host and sponsors are supposed to screen all the submitted works and evaluate them without any bias or outside pressure. 


 For this year’s competition, the submitted works were evaluated from August 12 to August 17, and the results were sent to the email account of each participant.

3. Exhibition of the Prize Winners’ Works

  An exhibition of the prize winners’ works was held from June 24 to June 28 at a sponsor gallery


   Once the prize winners are chosen, they are given an opportunity to exhibit their works offline at a sponsor gallery. For this year’s competition, the exhibition was held at Love2Arts Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium. 

  The gallery, which opened in 2006, has organized a variety of artistic and cultural exhibitions. In 2006 the gallery set up sisterhood relationship with  Société Royale d‘harmonie, a nonprofit organization established in 1814 with the longest history in Belgium. Since then, it has been actively involved in fostering young talents and organizing numerous international art projects. 


provides a lot of opportunities for young artists for realize their dreams to become full fledged artists and supports those who do their best to improve and challenge themselves. 

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