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2023 3rd IYAC New York Youth Art Competition Exhibition

Art Competition Winners Exhibition  (2023.10.17 ~ 2023.10.22)

   This exhibition is composed of 1st prize-winning artworks from a global youth art competition that took place for about two months from July 2023, held at SPACE 776 Gallery located in Manhattan's Lower East Side, New York.

   The final selection in the main round received the 'Winner' award - New Jersey Senate Prize, and the 'Gold Medal' (5 works) - Palisades Park Mayor's Prize.

Space776 Gallery. New York.

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  Space 776 Gallery is situated in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, at the heart of New York, and offers an impressive collection of contemporary art. A gallery that showcases emerging and established artists working across a range of mediums, from live multimedia performance art to traditional painting, is being exhibited. This gallery accommodates artists from around the world who present their works at local and international art fairs such as Volta New York, Volta Basel, Art Miami, Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, and Art Busan.

Space 776 Gallery. New york.  

Exhibition Process

The 2023 3rd IYAC New York Youth Art Competition accepted submissions from July 3, 2023 (Mon) to September 8, 2023 (Fri). The competition concluded successfully, and some of the winning artworks were exhibited offline at the Space 776 Gallery in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York, from October 17 to October 22, 2023. The following process outlines the steps from organizing the competition to exhibiting the winning artworks.

1. Holding the art competition

 Started the international teenager art competition in cooperation with a sponsor gallery


 This competition is organized by MySLide Corp. in association with GSEF Foundation, Space 776 Gallery (New York), State Senator Gordon M. Johnson of New Jersey, and Mayor Chong Paul Kim of Palisades Park. Selected artworks from the first round will have the opportunity to participate in an offline exhibition hosted at Space 776 Gallery (New York).

 In the final round, five outstanding works will be awarded the 'Winner' title, receiving the New Jersey State Senator's Award, while another five will be awarded the 'Gold Medal,' (Selected 5 awardees) receiving the Mayor of Palisades Park's Award. 

2. Application and Evaluation

 Online web solution for application and evaluation management 


  As for the registration process, it is conducted online through Portfolioroom.org, a web solution operated by MySLide.

  The submitted and selected works will be fairly evaluated by the judge [Professor Choi Soo-hee from Hongik University (Head Judge), artist Lee Bora, and artist Kim Seung-hyun]


  The evaluation period took place from September 9th, 2023 to September 15st, 2023, and the results can be checked on the application website.

3. Exhibition of Winning Artworks Held

  Hosted and conducted the exhibition of winning artworks at Space 776 Gallery in Manhattan, New York (2023.10.17 ~ 10.22)


   Once the evaluation is completed and the winning artworks are selected, winners are provided with the opportunity to exhibit their original works offline at the collaborative gallery. The exhibition of winning artworks for this competition took place at Space 776 Gallery in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York. 

  For a successful exhibition, a violin & viola reception event was held on October 20, 2023, during the exhibition period.

4. 2023 3rd IYAC Artwork Awards

  'Winner' 5 works awarded New Jersey Senator Prize, 'Gold Medal' 5 works received the Palisades Park Mayor Prize


   A variety of works were selected, with 5 works selected as 'Winner' receiving the New Jersey Senator Prize, and 5 individuals selected as 'Gold Medal' recipients receiving the Palisades Park Mayor Prize.


provides a lot of opportunities for young artists for realize their dreams to become full fledged artists and supports those who do their best to improve and challenge themselves. 

2023 IYAC New York Exhibition Teenage Painting Contest

2023. 2. 01. (Wed) - 2. 15. (Wed) KST 23:00

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Sorodha International Art Competition 2022

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Youth Fine Art Competition

2023. 2. 01. (Wed) - 2. 15. (Wed) KST 23:00 

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