MySLide is here to achieve your artistic dream to open a chance.

We encourage youth to develop themselves to show their talent and passion and offer more art events to help young artists to achieve their dreams.

Mar 22 (Fri), 2024 - 23:00 (KST) Jun 13 (Thu), 2024

2024 4th IYAC Global Youth Art Contest

This competition is organized by MySLide Corp. in association with GSEF Foundation, Space 776 Gallery (New York), State Senator Gordon M. Johnson of New Jersey. Selected artworks from the first round will have the opportunity to participate in an exhibition hosted at Space 776 Gallery (New York). In the final round, five outstanding works will be awarded the 'Winner' title, receiving the New Jersey State Senator's Award.

KAJAA: Korean Artistic Junior Adventure Art-Festival

  The KAJAA: Korean Artistic Junior Adventure Art-Festival is a collaboration between EduChosun and MySLide Co., Ltd. The goal is to provide students with opportunities for creative and free artistic expression by bringing together education, technology, and art to enhance artistic skills.

This competition emphasizes student-centered participation and creativity, aiming for students to experience the joy of free artistic expression and discover their artistic identity through the process of creating artwork.

2023 3rd IYAC New York Youth Art Competition

The 3rd Annual IYAC in New York aims to provide teenagers with an opportunity to express their thoughts through various forms of art and experience the diversity of communication as they grow as integral members of society. The competition is organized by MySLide Corp. in collaboration with GSEF Foundation and Space 776 Gallery.

The selected first-round works will be offered an opportunity to exhibit at Space 776 Gallery in New York.

Jul 03 (Mon), 2023 - Sep 08 (Fri), 2023
23:00 (KST)

2023 Youth Fine Art Contest

   This competition is designed to bring out the diverse ideas and creativity of Korean youth who aspire to become visual artists and are the future of the industry. 

  The winning works of the competition will have the opportunity to participate in an offline exhibition of winning works hosted by S.ONE Project (Gallery) free of charge. 

Feb 13 (Mon), 2023 - Mar 10 (Fri), 2023
23:00 (KST)

2023 IYAC New York Exhibition Teenage Painting Contest

   The 2nd 2023 IYAC New York Exhibition Teenage Painting Contest is a competition designed for the purpose of providing opportunities for future artists to express their thoughts and share opinions in the form of visual art to address the current social issue. 

  The winning works will be offered an opportunity to exhibit at Cosmos Gallery in New York.

Feb 01 (Wed), 2023 - Feb 15 (Wed), 2023
23:00 (KST)

2023 K&P Painting Contest

   The contest is hosted by MySLide corp. and Arté : The Institution of Culture & Art Contents with K&P Gallery. New York.  

  The contest accepts applicants from 13:00 p.m. (Thu) on July 28, 2022 to 23:00 p.m. (Thu) on August 11, 2022. The submitted and selected works will be fairly evaluated by the judge from both the institution and the organizer.

Jul 28 (Thu), 2022 - Aug 11 (Thu), 2022
23:00 (KST)

Sorodha International Art
Competition 2022 

   Sorodha International Art Competition 2022 is a worldwide youth art event that starts in 2022 to discover talents and encourage young artists for social art activities.   

  The event is hosted by Sorodha : Antwerpen culture Institution in Belgium (Société Royale d‘harmonie) and Arté(The Institution of Culture & Art Contents) and managed by MySLide.

May 02 (Mon), 2022 - May 24 (The), 2022
11:00 (Belgium Standard Time)

Youth Fine Art Competition

 The Youth Fine Art Competition is a fine art competition that began in early 2022. Organized and supervised by MySLide, the goal is to provide young artists the opportunity to create their original works and give them professional advice

 In collaboration with professional artists from various fields, the jury team will closely check the received works. The potential of the development that can be read from recevied artworks would be the main point to evaluation.

Mar 14 (Mon), 2022 - Mar 25 (Fri), 2022

MySLide Corp.


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