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2023 IYAC New York Teenage Painting Contest

2023 IYAC New York Teenage Painting Contest

Award-Winning Works : 2023 IYAC New York Teenage Painting Contest

The 2nd 2023 IYAC New York Teenage Painting Contest is designed to provide an opportunity for future artists to express their thoughts and share their opinions on contemporary issues through the visual arts. The award-winning works will have the opportunity to participate in the exhibition held at Cosmos Gallery (New York), which is planned as part of the contest.

Winner prize-winning works

  This competition is organized by MySLide Corp. in conjunction with Cosmos Gallery (New York). The competition was open for submissions from 1st February 2023 (Wed) at 13:00 to 15th February 2023 (Wed) at 23:00. The organizers selected evaluation committee members [Professor Jee Hui Chang of Andong National University (Chairman of the Jury), Artist Lee Minkyung (CEO of Heim Art Institute), Sojung Park (Seoul Scholars International Art & Design Teacher)] who thoroughly reviewed all submitted works and conducted a transparent and fair evaluation process.

Title : Under the Mask

Artist : Song Hyewon

Year : 2023/2/15

Material / Medium : acrylic paint

Size of Artwork : 53cm X 45.5 cm

Award : Winner

Description of Artwork :

  Considering how much our world has changed is unsettling. Covid masking has changed our society, making it hard to identify our classmates, and even basic behaviors like expressing thoughts via facial expressions became illegal. "Under the Mask" has a number of symbolisms. The mountains and grassy plains resemble the bottom portion of a human face. The larger peak represents the nose, while the smaller peak represents the lips. The mask represents a cloud. Since only the bottom portion of our face, the respiratory system, is covered by a mask, this exemplifies suffocation. This interpretation is symbolized by the lower faces being covered by a vigorous nature and only the respiratory systems being inanimate rocks. The second perspective is that nature, the lower part of our face, is covered by a cloud, a mask that demonstrates how humanity was under the time of epidemic crisis. The mask is made to look like it will float away, so that this terrible pandemic will end as soon as possible

Title : a momentary moment

Artist : Woo Jin

Year : 2023

Material / Medium : acrylic on canvas

Size of Artwork : canvas 10호

Award : Winner 

Description of Artwork :

  The old man and baby's faces are intertwined with each other. This artwork symbolizes my psychological world, depicting the sense of futility about the rapid passing of time. The baby’s face is very smooth. On the contrary, the old man’s face has a lot of wrinkles. It gives a contrast between the two different ages. Also, I put smoke coming up from the bottom to make the effect of extinguishing time.

Title : Nap Time!

Artist : Yang Shannon

Year : 2023

Material / Medium : Acrylic on canvas

Size of Artwork : 10P

Award : Winner 

Description of Artwork :

  This is a piece that I tried to show the relationship with time and myself. The time only comes to me when I am not working most of the time, which is the time when I am with my cats. In this piece, I tried to portray the comforting, relaxing, and the cozy nap time I spend with my cat. I generally used blue-cool toned colors to show the relaxed and the silences of the time with me and my cat and the size of the cat was to show the size of how much my cats mean to me and the comfort they give me. I drew me and my cat in a large city to show the isolation between me and the large city.

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